ERC Workshop on
''New Trends in Shape Optimization

(Analysis and Numerical simulation)''

September 23-27, 2013 -- University of Erlangen

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The plenary speakers are:

Gregoire ALLAIRE  (Paris)Multi-material Shape Optimization
Dorin BUCUR  (Savoie)Sub and supersolutions in shape optimization
Giuseppe BUTTAZZO  (Pisa)Optimal potentials for Schrödinger operators
Michel DELFOUR  (Montreal)Metrics and metric spaces for shape and geometrical problems
Pedro FREITAS  (Lisbon)Asymptotic behaviour of optimal Laplacian eigenvalues
Antoine HENROT  (Nancy)                        Minimization of functionals involving curvature in two and three dimensions: elasticae, Willmore and Helfrich energies
Michael HINTERMÜLLER  (Berlin)                                  Shape and Topological Sensitivity Based Methods in Tomographic Reconstruction
Volker SCHULZ  (Trier)On the exploitation of shape Hessians
James SETHIAN  (Berkeley)Applications of the Voronoi Implicit Interface Method to Interface Motion and Shape Decomposition
Jan SOKOLOWSKI  (Nancy)Optimal shape control of airfoil in compressible gas flow governed by Navier-Stokes equations
Michiel VAN DEN BERG  (Bristol)                                                   Minimization of Dirichlet eigenvalues

In addition to the plenary conferences, there will be two parallel sessions, devoted to invited talks on more "pure" or more "applied" subjects. Young students can also propose a title for short talks in one of the two parallel sessions.

Registration is free but mandatory, for organizational purposes. There are many grants for young Ph.D. students or post-docs.

IMPORTANT : There will be a fair in Nürnberg in the same week, so it will not be easy to find hotel rooms in Erlangen. Hence, if you plan to come to the workshop and you are not requesting a grant, it is strongly advisable to book an hotel as soon as possible.

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Partially supported by the European Union through the ERC Starting Grant AnOptSetCon n. 258685